Dark Tusk Coffee

Journey of Dark Tusk Coffee
At Dark Tusk, we operate with our partners to select, process and roast the finest and freshest, 100% Arabica coffee beans. The journey of the coffee bean begins with ethically sourcing the coffee directly from farms for better traceability and selection ensuring consistency in the taste and profile. At the selected farms, the red ripe coffee cherries are handpicked off Arabica trees to ensure the best quality coffee beans are selected. Once the coffee cherries are carefully harvested, the coffee beans are separated from the flesh using the washed process also known as the wet process. This preferred method of processing provides consistency in the flavour of the bean as well as the roasting outcome. The green coffee beans arrive at the roasting facility where they are carefully roasted and prepared using advanced techniques to give a rich, sensational taste and inviting aroma unique to Dark Tusk Coffee.

Unit Size Local
10 pods per unit, 8 units per carton

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) Local
1 carton

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