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With experience of food and customer service, SDA was born from a passion for excellence to represent quality Australian producers and manufacturers into new markets.

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About Scott Wheeler

Scott Wheeler is the owner of Springs Distribution Agents (SDA), a company offering contacts to assist in the distribution of Australian-made products into numerous Asian markets, including China, as well as the importation of Internationally-made products into Australia. SDA has a strong existing network of channels, contacts and leads to assist any company's product to successfully penetrate these markets. Food is the main product focuses for SDA, as Scott is an expert in this field.

With over 20 years in hospitality and 9 years in customer service under his belt, Scott has turned his attention over to business and communication over the last two years. As a qualified chef, he has won a highly-recognized Gold Plate award, as well as over 30 national customer service awards.

From February, SDA will be officially associated with the Hong Kong-Australia Business Association (HKABA), an exciting partner for the development of stronger business ties between the two nations. Always looking to take-on new ventures and avenues, Scott is currently in the process of completing his business studies to add to his list of recognised qualifications.

Education & Associates

Cert III - Commercial Cookery
Cert IV - Leadership Ministry
Cert in Leadership
Trade Cert in Cooking